Electro House Unloaded!

If at this point you haven’t heard about Electro House you need to get out more. Electro house is one of the most popular genres that fall under the stlyle of house. Most clubs by now have been playing this genre for a while with great success.In less than ten years it is the only dance style music that reached the same popularity as of 1970’s old school (at this point) disco. Your grandma getting down on the floor and grooving to disco won’t be ereased. Recently, there has been a big hype for creating television ads with electro house music. Television ads are far from all of the places where electro house can be heard.

Even on xm radio Electro House has it’s own dedicated station. It is very common for DJ to create “bootleg” versions of latest hits and remix them in electro house style. They later play these at partys and clubs that they might be playing at. There isn’t any evidence to prove it. Most of the time, it is nearly impossible to find out who is directly responsible the making of music history.

It is noted that about ten years ago there was a large revolutionary time in electro music being mixed with pop. At the same time tech house was gaining popularity. With the right events happening at the right times, the two came together. Electro clash and tech house that is. Electro clash being mellow and more relaxing as opposed to tech house which was had more energy and randomness created a hell of a mix.

This mix was able to bring a viral popularity growth very quickly. Naturally, there this popularity boom invited many other musicians to join in. Hundreds of DJs were trying to create music similar to this style.

The very first DJ to become well known for it has to be Benny Benassi. “Satisfaction” was one of those songs that people would have stuck in their head for days. This song still continues to receive a lot of attention to date. It won world wide rewards as well as make Benny Benassi the founder of Electro House.

No wonder that after this single was out many even more artist came out trying to mimick this style.


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